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sneak 1<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 1<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 2<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 2<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 2<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 3<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 3<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 1,2,3<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 1,2,3<h4>[2008]</h4>sneak 1,2,3<h4>[2008]</h4>

sneak 1


Looks funny right?
Sneak1 is a porcelain coffee mug
that has no handle. Instead it has
holes that act like one. No handle
means less space on your
kitchen's shelf as you can place
one mug into another.
It also means that it is less prone
to break. It's easier to wash too.
These two holes also provide the
user with a more direct sence of
what is happening inside the mug.
Therefore no more burned tongues.
Of course it's better not to fill
the mug all the way up...